GLP Session with Young Women and Girls

Awaz-e-Niswan conducted a workshop on “Self Exploration with Awaz-e-Niswan” for the young girls in Islamabad.  The main purpose of the session was to aware young women from the University of their; personalities, strengths and areas of improvement by realizing their life journey.   Through one of the activities; “River of Life”, young women had the opportunity to retrospect their lives of last five years that helped them in recognizing the journey they have been through and where they are now. The concept of gender, relations, power, identity and stereotypes and conflict management styles were introduced and elaborated to them.

At the end of the workshop, participants of the workshop filled in the feedback forms.  Overall, they were happy to be part of the workshop that it provided them the opportunity to know themselves better.   In the end, participants were given certificate of participation.

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