Democracy and Empowered Women – Jamhooriat Aur Baikhtiár Aurat (JAZBA)

South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP-PK) and Aurat Publication and Information Service Foundation (AF) envisage a five-year program “Jamhooriyat aur Baikhtaiar Aurat” (JAZBA) funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) enhancing inclusive democratic processes and participation for the advancement of women’s rights and at risk populations, such as minorities & trans-gender communities in approximately 25 districts of Pakistan spread all across four provinces and GB. Awaze-Niswan (AAN) is a resource partner for the project.


The program responds to challenges posed by the gender gaps in women’s electoral and political participation and limited opportunities for inclusion in democratic and civic spaces exercising agency and define gender based governance priorities. The overall strategy is twofold: to influence both demand and supply side of governance, institutionalizing democratic rights & interests of women and the marginalized into structures & processes of the democratic governance. On the demand side it will support voters & constituents to articulate democratic demands based on evidence, inclusion and broad mobilization of diverse groups including women, marginalized and men, especially the youth; and support systemic improvements on the supply side i.e. national and sub-national governance structures and representatives to respond effectively and efficiently to the demands of constituents and be accountable.

Focus Area

JAZBA will focus on women and youth (both female and male) as well as vulnerable populations such as minorities and transgender communities, giving voice and visibility to their concerns and needs.


  • Increased and equitable participation of women in democratic processes and civic life, particularly young and marginalized women.
  • Improved gender responsive and inclusive systems of government, democratic institutions and civil society organizations in 25 districts of Pakistan


  • Training provided to women and youth for leadership in the community and local government.
  • Voter education training organized for women and youth groups and chapters of Awaz e Niswan.
  • Young women and men sensitized for addressing Gender-based Violence.
  • Support provided to institutionalize evidence generation on the intersection of women’s empowerment with political participation, GBV and responsive governance.
  • Support provides for the formation of Awaz e Niswan district chapters for meaning full engagement with duty bearers.
  • National, provincial and district secretariats of Awaz e Niswan established and strengthened.

Geographical Spread

The Project will be directly implemented in 25 districts across Pakistan including national/provincial capitals. A total of 125 Union Councils (UCs), at least 5 in each district will be selected for implementation of specific community level activities. However, campaign activities, research and seed grants, national and provincial advocacy on pro-women legislation, policies and rights will reach beyond the 25 districts. The Project will monitor results in the 25 direct intervention districts and additional 15 indirectly benefiting districts, bringing the total to 40 districts. On average 5,000 indirect and 2,000 direct beneficiaries in each district will be reached through the Project’s activities. Hence the Project will directly benefit 50,000 direct beneficiaries (75% women) and 200,000 indirect beneficiaries. Following are the 25 districts

Province Districts
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mardan, Peshawar, Swat, Charsada, Nowshera
Punjab Okara,Faisalabad, Jhang, Layya, Lahore, Nankana Sahib, Rawalpindi-ICT, Sargodha
Sindh Benazirabad, Thatta, Sukkur, Ghotki, Hyderabad, Karachi
Balochistan Turbat, Sibi, Quetta, Gawadar
GB Ghizer, Gilgit