AAN is a membership based organization and it will gradually broaden its membership base through membership drives and forming local chapters. The local chapters will be self-governing and self-sufficient bodies adhering to the guiding principles of AAN.  The minimum number of members per local chapter is 20. Each chapter will collect a membership fee according to the income level of the women voters in that specific geographic area. In addition the members will raise funds to run the day to day activities of the local chapters.

Membership Obligations

  • To understand, accept and abide by the AAN Charter
  • To pay membership dues as decided by the chapter and participate in meetings of the local chapters
  • Participate in the elections for the local chapter office bearers
  • To remain non-partisan in their capacity as AAN members, irrespective of who they cast their votes for.

Membership Criteria

  • Women with Pakistani nationality ages 18 and above
  • Residing in the area corresponding to the local chapter

Membership Rights

Voting Members: Women enrolled in a local chapter attended at least 3 previous meetings

Associate Members: Organizations and individuals who are interested in the work of AAN. They will not have voting rights and cannot serve on decision making bodies of the network.

Becoming a Member Persons or organizations who wish to join AAN should read the AAN Charter and understand its purpose and objectives. They can complete an application form and approach a local chapter or the National Secretariat that can forward their form to the relevant local chapter. Where no local chapter exists, the national secretariat will facilitate the applicant to form a chapter if they are interested in doing so.

Roles and Responsibilities of Awaz-e-Niswan members:

  • Be active and informed voters
  • Participate in the local chapters meetings regularly
  • Participate actively in identification and prioritization of needs of women in the area to develop Action Plans for the local chapters
  • Identify and engage with duty bearers in local and provincial government and administration, hold meetings on prioritized needs with them.
  • Represent Awaz-e-Niswan in different forums as requested by the local chapter or the secretariat.
  • Pay annual membership fee unless exempted, as decided by the local chapter.
  • Participate in fund raising activities for the network.
  • Hold the network office bearers accountable for using the funds in the best interest of the network.
  • Terms of membership

Membership can be discontinued by the local chapter or the secretariat if:

  • a member works against the non-partisan status of the network
  • a member works against the goals and objectives of the network
  • a member does not participate in any meeting of the local chapters
  • Non-payment of the membership fee without any prior exemption

Membership Fee

Each local chapter will decide the membership fee to be charged by consensus and collect it annually or six monthly. It is recommended that a minimum fee be agreed upon and members can also pay on a voluntary basis. The office bearers can also decide to exempt certain members from membership dues if they are unable to pay.