Awaz-e-Niswan’s male staff session for integral to the workplace environment

The National Coordinator, Awaz e Niswan, Ms. Urooj Obaid, recently organized a session for the male staff, focusing on topics integral to the workplace environment. The session, focused on gender dynamics, gender-based violence (GBV), and safeguarding, aimed to engage the participants in critical discussions surrounding these important topics. The National Coordinator facilitated a comprehensive discussion on Oxfam guidelines, emphasizing their importance in promoting a culture of safety and respect within the organization. To enhance understanding, a documentary on safeguarding was shown, shedding light on the various facets of this critical issue.
To ensure active participation and practical application of the knowledge gained, the session concluded with an engaging activity centered around addressing gender-based violence. This comprehensive approach not only informed the male staff about crucial issues but also encouraged a collective commitment to upholding Oxfam’s principles and contributing to a safe and respectful working environment.

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