AAN Sindh’s Chapter Meeting

Recently, Awaz e Niswan Sindh chapters convened a meeting at the Maripur Centre in Karachi. During the gathering, young leaders engaged in one-on-one discussions regarding their upcoming meeting with the elected local body representatives of the Layari region. They addressed various issues and prioritized them for the forthcoming discussion. Young women emphasized the necessity for a skill development center in Layari and also raised concerns about the electricity shortfall and subsequent load shedding.

Moreover, Ms. Nazia, the regional coordinator, while discussing the importance of political participation of young women, advocated the fact that empowering young women’s political participation in Pakistan is essential for achieving gender equality and creating a more inclusive and progressive society. Furthermore, she shed further light on several prevailing gender issues and sought the participants’ opinions while guiding them. In the context of cyber safety and digital skills, the attendees were introduced to digital literacy skills and the importance of social media in today’s age.

Women Development Foundation Pakistan – WDFP

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