ToT on Political Mobilization of Young Women Leaders

Awaz e Niswan (AAN) organized two three-day Training of Trainers on 26th-28th December 2022 and 6th-8th February 2023 in Karachi and Islamabad respectively. The Three-day training focused on Political Education and Mobilization of Young Women Leaders. The trainings were well attended by Young members of the WVN from Sargodha, Faislabad, Ghotki, sibbi, Turbat, Gwadar, Haripur, Thatta, Okara, Nankana Sahab, Peshawar, Nowshera, and Nawabshah.
The objective of the three-day training was to familiarize young women members of women voter networks with the AAN TOT module for young women leaders. The training covered:

  1. The concepts of politics, democracy, and political education
  2. The significance of women’s sustained political participation in electoral and governance processes
  3. Political education and mobilization sessions for community women and developing groups of community women leaders
  4. Awaz-e-Niswan network, facilitating members and formation of local chapters and the functions of chapters

The workshop adopted a participatory and interactive methodology that comprised small and large group sessions and activities that contributed to building an understanding of the basic concepts of gender, democracy, politics, women in political participation, and art of communication and community mobilization. The approach also encouraged sharing of best practices of leadership at both individual and community levels. Powerpoint presentations, video documentaries, and group discussions were the core methodologies to facilitate participants in understanding the contents in detail concerning the historic background. Individual Reflections was one of the key methodologies which helped the trainer to understand the impacts of training and how training is contributing to the knowledge, skills conceptual clarity of Participants. Three-day training covered different aspects of Politics, Democracy, Communication, Women’s Role in Politics, Leadership, Historical perspectives of women’s political participation, Barriers to women’s political participation
In Karachi, Ms. Nourin Lehri was the lead facilitator supported by Ms. Urooj Obaid, National Coordinator, Awaz e Niswan.  While, Ms Aliya Sethi and Dr. Yasmin Zaidi facilitated the two-day workshop in Islamabad.

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