Local Chapters

The local chapters of AAN are self-governing and self-sufficient bodies adhering to the guiding principles of AAN.  A minimum of 20 members are needed to form a local chapter. Each chapter will collect a membership fee according to the income level of the women voters in that specific geographic area. In addition the members will raise funds to run the day-to-day activities of the local chapters.

Each local chapter will have a governing body democratically elected by the general members voting. The office bearers are: Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 executive members who will have monthly meetings while the general body meeting will be held on need basis or on quarterly basis with a minimum of one general body meeting annually.

Local chapters will prepare their own plans based on the priorities identified by the members and will regularly interact with district government and elected representatives to raise women’s specific concerns and work for gender equitable budgetary allocations and outcomes.

Roles and Responsibilities of Local Chapters

  • Maintain non-partisan status of the local chapter
  • Hold elections for office bearers every two years
  • Active membership and mobilization drive to increase membership base
  • Hold regular local chapter meetings, set meeting times and dates in advance so member participation is maximized.
  • Set membership dues and collect regularly
  • Facilitate identification of priority issues and development of work plan
  • Facilitate meetings of members with local administration and elected representatives to resolve issues noted in work plan
  • Facilitate resolution of rights violations of women in the area including cases of violence against women
  • Facilitate political participation of women through liaison with organizations that give voter information and registration sessions
  • Maintain record of funds raised, minutes of meetings, key decisions and membership database
  • Send six monthly reports to provincial and national secretariat and represent AAN at local and national events
  • Provide information as requested by national secretariat for development of AAN policy advocacy materials
  • Raise funds locally for implementation of the annual work plan. Care should be exercised when raising funds to remain non-partisan. Under no circumstances should local chapters accept funds from a political party or a political representative or candidate, nor should events for a specific party be hosted.

Electing Office Bearers of Local Chapters

There should be a minimum of 20 members per local chapter.

There are 5 office bearers: Chairperson, Secretary cum Treasurer, and 3 executive members. Together these five persons will form the Executive Committee of the local chapter. At least 3 members must be present for the quorum of the Executive Committee meeting to be achieved.

The terms of office for the office bearers will be 2 years.