Awaz-e-Niswan and Jazba – a partnership for women’s political rights and participation

AAN is pleased to be a part of the Jamhooriat Aur Ba-Ikhtiár Aurat – Jazba (Democracy and Empowered Women) programme as a resource partner to South Asia Partnership (SAPPK) and Aurat Foundation project for enhancing women voters participation and engagement. The 4 year project is funded by Global Affairs Canada as part of their Women’s Voice and Leadership Programme. The overall project strategy is twofold: to influence the demand AAN has been identified as one of 12 partners for the Women’s Voice and Leadership being implemented though Oxfam and funded by Global Affairs Canada. The project envisages institutional support to the AAN National Secretariat, strengthening systems and policies, enhancing membership and volunteer’s database, and providing support for key activities.  and the supply side of governance, institutionalizing rights and interests of women and the marginalized into structures and processes of the democratic governance. On the demand side  the  project  will  support  voters  and constituents to articulate democratic demands based on evidence, inclusion  and  broad  mobilization  of diverse groups including women, marginalized and youth. It will support national and sub-national governance structures and representatives to be accountable and respond effectively and efficiently to the demands of constituents.  AAN will support the mobilization of young women leaders and formation of local chapters in the 25 districts where Jazba is active.

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  • Kausar S Khan July 10, 2021 @ 12:48 pm

    first time visited this website… seems well organized. suggest you start a blog on this site…only AAN members should be able to post blogs

  • Binish kanwal September 20, 2021 @ 3:45 pm

    Great work

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