Awareness Raising Session on Constitutional and Political Rights of Minorities Under GLP, Islamabad

The Gender Leadership Program (GLP) is an initiative taken by Oxfam WVL Program team to capacitate the selected women employees of the Women Rights Organizations (WROs) on leadership.  The Senior Program Officer from Awaz-e-Niswan (AAN) participated in the first module of the GLP from June 28-July 2, 2021.  The participation led to developing a project related to AAN’s mandate and initiatives to aware women on their social and political rights.

In this regard, AAN team organized a session with the minorities (Christian Women) on September 16, 2021 in which 34 women participated. The participants were informed about their constitutional and political rights as well as invited to become AAN members.  The session was organized in support of the representative of the Christian Community-women in Islamabad.

Group Photo: AAN team, Community Representative, and Participants


Session in progress


Enrolling AAN members


Registration of session participants


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