AAN Radio Program Series

A radio series consisting of 30 episodes was planned with the purpose of enhancing the participation of women and marginalized communities in politics as informed voters, engaged citizens, and potential candidates for public representation. These programs aimed to change existing gender norms and stereotypes concerning women’s roles in the public and political spheres. The programs were developed around two themes:

1) Political education for women voters.
2) Women’s representation in politics.

However, in an attempt to make the series more informed and relevant, programs were also recorded to discuss in detail the catastrophic floods that occurred in the Southern part of the country and the upheaval they caused in the lives of many, particularly women.

The radio programs highlighted existing gender gaps in electoral and political representation, as well as the exclusion of marginalized groups. They featured the impact of political inequalities on these groups, the wider community, and governance processes. The programs also highlighted remedies to bridge gaps in electoral and political participation, such as how to ensure women’s participation as informed voters, engaged constituents/citizens, and motivated election candidates. Moreover, the programs particularly focused on educating young women from different backgrounds on the electoral process, constitutional rights, and the value of being informed and engaged voters. The barriers to political and civic participation were discussed, as well as the influence of various factors and stakeholders at different levels and their underlying causes. The programs emphasized women voters’ systematic engagement with elected representatives and duty-bearers by sharing approaches and good practices of citizen-state engagement and its benefits.

The 30-program series was broadcasted from all networks of FM 101 Pakistan from November 2022 to February 2023 on a bi-weekly basis.

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