16 Days of Activism Seminar on Enhancing Women Political Participation Leading towards Leadership

In commemoration of the 16 Days of Activism, Awaz-e-Niswan organized a seminar in Fatima Jinnah Women University on “Women’s Political Participation Leading towards Leadership”. The occasion was graced by of panelists including; Dr. Saima Hamid, Vice Chancellor of Fatimah Jinnah Women University, Dr. Saiqa Imtiaz Asif, Vice Chancellor of the Government Sadiq College Women University, Bahawalpur, Dr. Shahla Tabassum, Head of Gender Studies Department, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Ms. Zubeida Khatoon, Board Member of Awaz-e-Niswan, and Ms. Erum Sharif, MEAL Coordinator, Oxfam International.

The purpose of the seminar was to raise awareness about women’s political participation amongst the female students of the University. Awaz-e-Niswan strives to support women, especially young women to recognize their constitutional rights, particularly political rights and participation of women at different levels in politics that could lead to empower them in achieving their niche in the public and private spheres.

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