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Session on Political and Constitutional Rights to Minorities

The Gender Leadership Program (GLP) module II was held from October 3-8, 2021 in Lahore.  All the GLPiers from the Women Rights Organizations (WROs) gathered to reflect their experiences after module I. The GLPiers continued to enhance their knowledge on leadership, understanding different concepts and enhancing their own abilities as leaders. In continuation to practice [...] Read More

Awareness Raising Session on Constitutional and Political Rights of Minorities Under GLP, Islamabad

The Gender Leadership Program (GLP) is an initiative taken by Oxfam WVL Program team to capacitate the selected women employees of the Women Rights Organizations (WROs) on leadership.  The Senior Program Officer from Awaz-e-Niswan (AAN) participated in the first module of the GLP from June 28-July 2, 2021.  The participation led to developing a project […]

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8th March International Women Day 2021

On International Women’s Day, Awaz e Niswan staff members participated in Aurat March which was held in Islamabad from Press Club to D-chowk attended by women, men and children from different spheres of life and raised their voices for the women rights in public and private sphere and advocate for their equal participation and decision […]

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Gilgit Baltistan Elections 2020

General Elections were held in Gilgit Baltistan during November 2020. AAN female members participated with fervor and enthusiasm in pre-election activities. AAN chapter members held meetings with women voters in Hunza and Gilgit and urged them to vote in General Election. Moreover, AAN chapters met candidates to discuss prevailing issues of their areas and also […]

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WVL Partners Induction Workshop

An online workshop was conducted for orienting key project/program staff on key terms and conditions of the partnership agreement, to confirm that all partners have adequate internal controls in place to ensure compliance and to ensure SPO Team and partners maintain adequate, complete and auditable accounting records (to minimize the risk of audit disallowances).

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Provincial Consultation for Alliance Building

Seven meetings were held in the period from July 17 to 26 August 2020 about the WVL network and for brainstorming some potential alliances with WVL Partners. The purpose was drafting a concept of alliance building, identification of potential alliance members and organizing of province-wise consultations to finalize alliance provincial agenda for the next two […]

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Virtual Training

The AAN team attended a three hours virtual session on “Gendered Impacts of Pandemic & Introduction to Oxfam Feminist Principles” on 16th July 2020. The objective of the session was to better understand Oxfam feminist principles and the utilization of such principles in existing programmes.

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31st August 2018 AAN National Meeting in Islamabad

Members representing Awaz-e-Niswan (AAN) chapters from across Pakistan held a day long meeting in Islamabad to reflect on 2 years of political education and mobilization initiatives.  The program has provided political education to young educated women in rural and urban areas, enabling them to mobilize women in their own communities and form local chapters.  These women […]

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