Social Accountability and Budget Advocacy Workshop for AAN members

A four day workshop is currently in progress in Islamabad (April 4-8, 2017) for 27 AAN members and coordinators from 10 districts. The workshop is facilitated by a team from the Omar Asghar Khan Foundation led by Ms. Rashida Dohad, executive Director. The Foundation is known for its work on social accountability, responsible citizenship, budget analysis and advocacy using budgets.

On Friday April 7, 2017, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) hosted the members at their office. Additional Director General ECP, Ms Nighat and Additional Secretary Mr. Fida Mohamed briefed the participants about the situation and gender gap in electoral rolls and the steps taken by ECP at four levels- staffing training, voters and candidates- to enhance and facilitate women participation and visibility in the electoral process.

AAN members asked questions related to the issues faced by women in registration and casting of votes. The role of the District Voter Education Committees (DVECs) was explained. The Secretary encouraged AAN members to become members of their respective DVECs and committed to issuing a notification to the provincial ECPs to facilitate the same.