Digital Literacy Program

Digital Literacy Program is a training course that empowers women from low income families by promoting digital literacy. The program:

  • Trains home based workers on digital knowledge such as use of internet, social media and necessary digital skills
  • Teaches key Life Skills to make them confident and enable their economic empowerment
  • Teaches business skills to help women start up a business and/or grow their existing business
  • Participants need a smart phone to attend live classes and complete assignments. A two hour commitment is required by participants per day, for the duration of this course (Course duration: 2 weeks.)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Women aged 18-50 from low income communities
  • Women who want to start a micro-business
  • Women who own a micro business and want to grow their business
  • Women who have an interest in learning digital, business and life skills
  • Transgender, minorities and differently abled women encouraged to apply


Participants will be provided one month internet package to attend this training.

Please sent your:

1- Name

2- District

3- Mobile number



Shahida Shah  on “03444449615″

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